[PD] "list foreach"?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Sep 30 22:24:31 CEST 2014


On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 06:20:21PM +0200, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> re-reading your email, wouldn't [list cat] be the equivalent of [list
> drip], whereas [list foreach] is the equivalent of [list map]?

I took theses name from the source in x_list.c, where for some years now we have:

// Need to think more about:
//  list foreach - spit out elements of a list one by one (also in reverse?)
//  [...]
//  list cat - build a list by accumulating elements

The addition of the symbol/list methods made me think, that maybe now could
be a time to add these as well, or at least the important "foreach".

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