[PD] Bitreduction compensation?

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 09:27:24 CET 2014

Think of this: in the most extreme case where a single bit is used to
represent signal values, you get an output signal of ones and zeros no
matter what input level. If the input level was low it becomes louder but
if the input level was far above unity gain it becomes softer. You could
say that bit reduction acts as a compressor/limiter itself. If your input
signal is hot, the amplitude effect of bit reduction will be smaller but
there is still the psycho-acoustic effect of the extra harmonics. My
approach is to pump up the volume before bit reduction (using a
compressor/limiter, see http://www.katjaas.nl/compander/compander.html).
For heavy bit reduction I compensate output level but I don't have a
mathematically justified recipe for that.

By the way there's also a method of inverting bits, giving similar harmonic
distortion (or even better according to some). Find this fascinating
discussion about emulating the Oto Biscuit on Pd forum:


On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Ronni Montoya <ronni.montoya at gmail.com>

> Hi list , when i use the bitreduction abstraction and i change the
> parameters dinamically it also affects the amplitude of the sound.
> Which is the best way of solve this? how can i maintain the same
> amplitude of the sound when i play with the bitreduction parameters?
> or should i use limiter?
> cheers
> R.
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