[PD] udp broadcasting with netsend: permission denied in Linux

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sat Nov 8 14:22:38 CET 2014

Hi Billy,

On 08/11/14 18:46, Billy Stiltner wrote:
> hey, probably not related to pd at all but currently canĀ“t get JAVA
> applet in mozilla through IcedTea and opneJDK to send tcp or udp packets
> to pd, something to do with permissions no certificate, blah blah....
> Any Ideas?

One thing to check is that you are setting the SO_REUSEADDR flag and
possibly the SO_REUSEPORT flag too, depending on your platform.

Should be possible to set the flag in Java if you have access to the
source code of the plugin.

Pd automatically sets this flag.




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