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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 00:55:37 CET 2014

On 11/08/2014 01:05 AM, IOhannes zmölnig wrote:
> Am 07. November 2014 22:46:35 MEZ, schrieb Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list<pd-list at lists.iem.at>:
>> Should "libdir" as a path have any meaning to the Pd user or patch
>> author?
> I dont think so. (I also cannot remember to have needer it ever.)
>>   I see it in the source code.
> Afaik it's only used to launch pd-gui and pd-watchdog.
>> On GNU/Linux it looks like it
>> points to /usr/lib/pd-- essentially the place for the subdirs doc,
>> extra, etc.
> Note that it is only *one* of many places for extra.
> Hans and me spent some time to figure out how to make pd-extended and pd-vanilla co-installable on debian and friends, without duplicating each and every external for both flavours.
> The solution was to have multiple "extra" dirs:
> /usr/lib/$PDFLAVOUR/extra
> /usr/lib/pd/extra
> (And thats on top of all the ~/pd-externals and /usr/local/pd-externals)
> so obviously i am mainly concerned about the usability of the value for the location of addons...
>> I ask because I just added a "libdir" method to [pdinfo] in Pd-l2ork.
>> It's useful,
> Could you share some use-cases?

My own starting point was a regression test patch for loading all 
potentially loadable binaries which come with a particular pd 
installation package.  (Well, I say regression test-- when I ran it for 
the first time it revealed a few objects which have probably always 
crashed Pd-extended.)


* run Pd patch in -nogui mode
* find "extra/" location
* recursively search for all binaries there
* print the name of the binary
* dynamically patch the binary as an object (minus the extension)
* repeat

If it crashes, you have the name of the external that probably caused 
the crash there on the console.

Since the directory that houses "extra" also houses "doc", I just went 
ahead and made a method for "libdir", which looked to point to parent 
directory of those two directories.

>> but maybe there's a better name for that method since it
>> conflicts with the name for anl self-contained external library that
>> adheres to Hans' standard format.
> How about "pdinstalldir"? (prefixed 'pd' to avoid confusion with the "install" path of the patch.)

I don't understand what this means.  What would the "install" path of a 
patch be?

I have the scope of the query in the name of the object: [pdinfo]. 
Currently I have [dir(---[pdinfo] pointing to the directory of the pd 
executable, but I guess that could be changed.

Anway, what you are calling "pdinstalldir" would return the single 
directory I am currently calling "libdir".  Is that correct?


>   the "lib" is really just an implementation detail of the FSH.
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