[PD] Looking for research in amplitude envelopes of music instruments during performance.

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Wed Nov 12 21:31:36 CET 2014

From: Rich Eakin <rtepub at gmail.com>
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> Is anyone aware of studies, articles, or other research that has been
> conducted around the amplitude envelopes of real world music instruments
> (strings, brass, voice, etc) during performance? What I mean is, I've seen
> a few articles here and there that explain how the envelopes differ between
> musical instruments (such as figure 5 of this article
> <http://interscience.in/IJCSI_Vol2Iss1/IJCSI_Paper_4.pdf>), but the source
> analysis samples are too simple for musical usefulness, usually a single
> note recorded with basic dynamics.  What I'd like to find is more how the
> ADSR curves look for actual musical phrases.
> ...
> cheers,
> Rich

Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook is a great resource.  The author "reverse
engineered" common instrumental sounds to make recipes for dual oscillator
synths with waveforms, noise, modulation, filters and ADSR envelopes for
both the amplitude and the filter.  The CDROM with the book includes a VSTi
synth to recreate the recipes.  Volume 2 has harmonic spectrum of the
instruments similar to the diagrams in Fig 2 of the paper you reference.

The CCRMA site https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/sndscm.html is
an awesome reference, anders, thanks for sharing,

-- Jeff
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