[PD] How to add/remove MIDI notes from a list using MIDI in and note on/off?

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 04:02:39 CET 2014

On 13/11/14 10:29, JC Pedroza wrote:
> But how can poly be used to solve this problem? Can someone provide an
> example? You are the second person that suggests its use but I can't for the
> life of me figure out why. A note-velocity pair comes in, a
> voicenumber-pitch-velocity triple comes out. That's all it does, right? What
> am I missing?

It keeps a list internally ... doing the required housekeeping re on off etc, 
but it cannot be queried for the contents ... [bag] is what you need

see patch ... this one works even if you use multiple notes of the same value, 
while Patrice's patch deletes too much when there are multiples.

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