[PD] libpd for l2ork?

Ivica Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Thu Nov 13 16:49:17 CET 2014

FWIW, there is every intent on providing libpd-l2ork, eventually. As Dan
pointed out, it is all a matter of adequate manpower. Pd-l2ork has been
already tested extensively as a headless system, which is essentially one
step away from a library. For example, the Cloud installation I premiered
this fall in collaboration with my colleague Aki Ishida had 50 Raspberry
Pis programmed by community participants through a series of 75-minute
workshops using a custom version of pd-l2ork (170+ participants total ages
~6-70+, most if not all who have never seen or used pd and many of whom
have never used any programming language). Afterwards, the installation ran
uninterrupted for over a month without a single RPi ever crashing or
misbehaving in any way.


On Nov 13, 2014 10:33 AM, "Dan Wilcox" <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:

> Current status is "doesn't exist" as far as I know.
> Technically it's possible.
> It simply involves bringing in the sources and modifying the make files.
> The wrapper aspect of libpd is separate from the actual pd sources but
> relies on a few changes made under the hood. I believe l2ork is
> sufficiently up to date as compared to vanilla to have most of those.
> Practically, it's not possible unless there are more people wanting to
> step up and work on it, specifically on a l2ork version. So far we've
> decided to maintain pd-vanilla compatibility for a lot of reasons, mainly
> that this is where libpd started. Time wise, we've take small steps to
> maintain compatibility and performance and, so far, it's worked.
> Also, I might be conservative in my patching when using libpd, but there
> hasn't really been a case where I needed any extra functionality that I
> didn't have using rjlib etc. Libpd's intent is not to provide the kitchen
> sink since that's what you can farm out to your GUI layer or framework. The
> main aspect is audio DSP within apps. As it stands now, you can't
> reimplement a *pacthing GUI* with it since you don't have a way to access
> the object graph etc but it defintiely works great as a white box for
> sending samples & control messages in and out.
> I basically think of libpd as a pd abstraction running inside an app, not
> "Pure Data" the application running inside an app.
>> in relation to Pd-l2ork,
>> guys, what's the status of having a 'libpd' for l2ork???  is that
>> possible?
>> sorry for going off topic...but it is something i have wanted to ask for
>> ages.
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