[PD] Approaches to "show control" platforms

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Sun Nov 16 13:55:20 CET 2014

On 11/15/2014 08:37 PM, João Martins wrote:
> Thank you all.
> I-score seems very promising and I'll look into it and the kollabs/ds
> library.
> Peter nailed the issue spot on. All that Pd allows me to do has made my
> work and my thought processes evolve and that's amazing. In the "real
> world", however, I rely on technicians who do not use it and I always
> have to find ways to make friendlier interfaces. Most of the times, I
> end up operating things myself and that's absurd: theatre plays where
> I'm stuck for the entire run, with the venue's sound tech by my side,
> not doing it because it's not the "play/pause, fade in/out, cross fade
> on a mixer's knobs and faders, kind of thing"…
> Of course I can go the commercial way and use Qlab. The thing is: if I
> can get technicians to work with Qlab (I did that, already), could I
> build something myself?
> I-score and kollabs/ds, attached to an external controller (there are
> cheap MIDI / DJ options who are just like the "regular stuff"), could do
> the trick.
> I'll keep searching for that balance between flexible and customized
> performance control and ease of use for "others". And yes, I'm aware of
> the dangers of trying to reinvent the wheel.
> All the best,
> João Martins

For a few shows that needed the more advanced audio handling 
capabilities of Pd, I used this: 

Basically, just a bit of bling around readanysf~. But Pd's abysmal 
string handling capabilities have been the major roadblock that 
prevented me from developing it further. I still like to use Pd for 
shows I'm running myself, but those I hand off, I gladly rely on QLAB 
and sleep soundly at night :)
(just premiered another one where I was forced to use the latest QLAB on 
the latest mac os version that got released only a few days before, was 
scared out of my wits but got lucky :)

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