[PD] [OT] : synchrnized video player on Pi, was : Approaches to "show control" platforms

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 11:16:51 CET 2014

oups, I thought to answer off-list to Simon...

anyway, since some other seems to be interested in, I start a new topic

I was speaking about that : https://github.com/turingmachine/omxplayer-sync
Basically it's a modified version of omxplayer that streams the playhead
position to DBus with high accuracy and a Python script send this position
from master to slaves, then the slave's script adjust playback speed to
reach the master position

It's used in http://www.pocketvj.com

I also found this : https://github.com/feanil/raspi-video-sync
Based on GStreamer but I didn't test.


do it yourself

2014-11-19 5:01 GMT+01:00 Alexandre Quessy <alexandre at quessy.net>:

> Hello,
> 2014-11-17 5:10 GMT-05:00 Antoine Villeret <antoine.villeret at gmail.com>:
>> i need it to build a synchronized audio/video player
>> a solution exist with Python, but it's stuck in a very old Raspbian
>> version... and not compatible with Jessie (and also I don't know anything
>> about Python :-) )
> I would be curious to see this the code for this solution.
> You can use GStreamer with some backend such as Clutter, or GTK+. They
> work very well. That requires a bit of coding, of course. I have a few of
> them under my Github user aalex. VLC is another higher-level option. (it's
> highly scriptable)
> Best,
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