[PD] Montreal: PD Introductory Workshop---this Saturday!

Peter van Haaften petervh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 16:31:32 CET 2014


I will give an introductory workshop on the topic of Pure Data and 
algorithmic composition, at Eastern Bloc this Saturday (November 22) 
from 12-5pm.

There are a few spots left. Cost is $25, and further details are at the 
following address:


"Composers have experimented with formal processes in music for more 
than 2500 years, beginning first with Pythagoras. Modern advancements in 
statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer processing 
have together led to increased accessibility and interest in the diverse 
field of algorithmic composition.

Using the free Pure Data language, we will begin by learning the 
fundamental concepts of data-flow programming, and move on quickly to 
create real-time streams of data, which can be routed via MIDI to 
control virtual or external instruments. We will explore together a few 
practical algorithms implemented in famous works by composers Karlheinz 
Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis, and John Cage during the mid-20th century. "


Peter van Haaften
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