[PD] klank in pd?

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Wed Nov 26 21:49:03 CET 2014

sorry for the very long delay...

On 17/11/14 05:14, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:> I did learn more
about it. It seems it's just a 2 pole 2 zero bandpass
> filter, but as a resonator, by which it means its gain is heavily

you are right. in supercollider "klank" is a bank of resonant

> Don't know what you meant by being easy to build a resonator in Pd, I'd
> like to see some suggestions.

i was referring to a common (the usual?) definition of a resonator:
a simulation of resonance in a string or tube. which can be
achieved with a delay, feedback and filtering.
this is not what sc does (in klank) though, i have just

bis denn!

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