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Jesse T Allison jtallison at lsu.edu
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One week left to submit for the Artistic Program at NIME 2015!

May 31 – June 3, 2015
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


:::Submission Deadlines:::
Artistic program: Performances & Installation works including special call for the DMC Theatre
December 7, 2014
Scientific program: Papers, Workshops, Demonstrations:
Draft submission (mandatory): January 23, 2015
Final submission: January 30, 2015

Artistic Program
Call for Performances
We invite submission of proposals for performances and installations. Proposed performances should have a clear connection with the substance of the NIME conference. We expand the notion of NIME in the performance program to include the exploration of existing interfaces into new sounds, new methods, or new ways of being physical. These performances might re-insert the body into digital performance, or they might suggest new modes of performing and the presentation of live music that go beyond existing practices while exploiting the unique affordances of interfaces and technologies.

We encourage submissions that explore:
• Novel and exploratory use of interfaces in performance
• Both old and new interfaces
• Use of innovative, imaginative and creative methods.

We invite you to consider fully what a performance can be: you should go well beyond demonstrating the interface and we will consider any performance that is in the realm of live, electronically-produced sound, where an interface is central to the realisation of the music.

Special Call – Digital Media Center Theatre
The LSU Center for Computation & Technology’s Digital Media Center Theatre is a custom-designed immersive audio and video environment. The theatre hosts a Christie 4k digital projector, and a Meyer Constellation sound system, with 71 discrete channels and up to 40 directlyaccessibleaudiochannels. Weareinterestedinperformancesthatuse4kvideoand/or massively large loudspeaker arrays as essential components of the work. Also, demonstrations or papers that address massively large loudspeaker arrays are welcome.  For more detailed specifications visit https://emdm.music.lsu.edu/research/sound-spatialization/   or contact us at nime-music at cct.lsu.edu<mailto:nime-music at cct.lsu.edu>

Call for Installations
NIME 2015 seeks installation and sculptural work to showcase at several locations in Baton Rouge. The theme for all venues will focus on an amalgamation of NIME topics listed below. Special consideration will be given to projects that embody a combination of qualities that are visual, aural, and tangible. Submitted proposals will be subject to a peer review process by an international expert committee. Installations picked to be shown at the LSU Digital Media Center will be exhibited during the length of the conference. Installations picked to be shown at the LSU Museum of Art and the LSU Glassell Gallery will be invited to be part of a longer exhibition spanning a month. These pieces will be shown alongside several invited sound artists whose work addresses NIME.

Scientific Program
Call for Papers
We welcome submissions of original research on scientific and artistic use of new interfaces for musical expression. A non-exhaustive list of NIME related topics is found below. This list is inclusive and indicative. The thematic focus of this year’s edition is Visual | Aural | Tangible and is described in the introduction above. We also encourage submissions that extend, stretch, or challenge the NIME topics and themes.

Core topics central to NIME include the following. In addition to submissions that address specific themes of this year’s edition of the conference, original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:

• Novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression
• Novel musical instruments
• Augmented/hyper instruments
• Novel controllers for collaborative performance
• Sensor and actuator technologies
• Haptic and force feedback devices
• Motion, gesture and music
• Interfaces for dance and physical expression
• Multimodal expressive interfaces
• Interfaces for musical expression for hearing or visually impaired people
• Interactive game music
• NIME intersections with game design
• Robotic music
• Mobile music technology and performance paradigms
• Biological and bio-inspired systems
• Musical mapping strategies
• Embedded musical instruments and embedded sound art installations
• Interactive sound art and installations
• Musical human-computer interaction
• Interaction design and software tools
• Interface protocols and data formats
• Sonic interaction design
• Issues in perception, cognition, computational musicology and music analysis
• Performance analysis
• Performance rendering and generative algorithms
• Machine learning in musical performance
• Experiences with novel interfaces in live performance and composition
• Surveys of past work and stimulating ideas for future research
• Historical studies in twentieth-century instrument design
• Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology
• Novel interfaces in music education and entertainment
• Reports on student projects in the framework of NIME-related courses
• Practice-based research approaches/methodologies/criticism
• User studies/evaluations of NIME
• Language and state in live interaction
• Musicianship of new musical interfaces
• Platforms and frameworks for musical interaction design

Organizing Committee
NIME 2015 is hosted by the Cultural Computing focus area, Center for Computation & Technology (avatar.cct.lsu.edu<http://avatar.cct.lsu.edu>), and the LSU School of Music Experimental Music & Digital Media program (emdm.music.lsu.edu) at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

General Inquiries: nime at cct.lsu.edu
Academic Inquiries: nime-papers at cct.lsu.edu
Music Inquiries: nime-music at cct.lsu.edu
Installation: nime-art at cct.lsu.edu
Workshops: nime-workshops at cct.lsu.edu
Volunteers: nime-volunteer at cct.lsu.edu

-Dr. Jesse Allison

     |    Assistant Professor of Experimental Music & Digital Media - LSU School of Music
     |    Cultural Computing - LSU Center for Computation & Technology
     |    http://emdm.music.lsu.edu
     |    http://avatar.lsu.edu/
     |    jtallison at lsu.edu<mailto:jtallison at lsu.edu>
     |    225.578.5572

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