[PD] Computer Vision with Pure Data

Jonathan Aardestrup jonastikov at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 01:12:39 CET 2014


I am working on a university project using Pure Data for computer vision in
order to investigate possible advantages or disadvantages in a music
related interaction context.
The idea is to detect hands from an up-facing webcam in order to simulate a
camera on a touch pad.

I've spend some weeks to get familiar with the objects in Gem namely pix
and pix_opencv, but even with objects such as pix_opencv_bgstats or
pix_opencv_bgsubstract, alone or in combination with other objects, have I
been able to get a clear binary image to detect motion from.

If you could possibly have a look at my code and give me some hints to how
I could improve it I would *really* appreciate it! Other suggestions are
also most welcome!

What I want it to do is detect hand (preferably without arm?) and give me
the following readings:
x-pos, y-pos, x-direction, y-direction,  x-acceleration, y-acceleration and
blob size. x and y being for the center of the detected hand. Multiple
blobs would also be great but I can't really understand how to use it so

I've attached one out of many attempts for the right solution.

I am using some objects from pix_opencv library which (in case you don't
already have it) can be found here:


The best

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