[PD] Cyclone suite initiative

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 00:17:36 CET 2014

hi, you probably know about this bug, but [rand~]'s argument doesn't really
work. I'd be happy to help find other bugs, do you have a list of bugs
you're working on?


2014-12-07 14:43 GMT-02:00 Fred Jan Kraan <fjkraan at xs4all.nl>:

> Hi Jonathan,
> > It's instructive to have some history on this...
> I prefer to focus on what is possible, and the cyclone patches are for
> pd-extended/pd-l2ork anyhow. Hyperlinks are cool, but there can be a
> downside; maybe someone creates a pd-based exploit ;-).
> > That would only work if all [pddp/pddplink] objects come last in the pd
> > file.  Otherwise you'll throw off the connection indices.  (Maybe you
> > didn't notice the effect because so many of the objects are comments,
> > which don't have wires.)
> Maybe some smart scripting could do this properly. Added it to the todo
> list. This would mean we can build rich help-patches for
> pd-extended/pd-l2ork and automatically strip them down to be
> vanilla-compliant.
> Is there a description of the file format somewhere?
> >
> > Why aren't there hyperlinks in Pd Vanilla?  We shouldn't be working
> > around this in the 21st century.
> We have them in other forks like pd-extended and pd-l2ork. Lets
> concentrate on making those better and more accessible. A lot of good pd
> forks have died because of the focus on getting their features in
> pd-vanilla.
> But enough of this. For now, I'll prefer to spend my sparse free time on
> learning pd and improve help-patches. It is more constructive and more fun.
> >
> > -Jonathan
> >
> Greetings,
> Fred Jan
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