[PD] passing $0 from an abstraction to another abstraction

Alexandros Drymonitis adrcki at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 20:15:07 CET 2014

I'm creating an abstraction (say it's called test-parent.pd) which creates
another abstraction (called test-child.pd) inside a subpatch, a number of
times according to the argument passed to test-parent.pd.
What I want to do is store $0 of test-parent.pd and pass it to all
instances of test-child.pd to set a name for [throw~] which is in the
test-child abstraction, like this (this is in test-parent.pd):

[loop] <- this is an until loop with a counter
[t   f    b]
|         |
[* 20] [$0]
|         |
|         |
[pack f f]
[obj 100 $1 test-child $2(
[s subpatch]

Inside test-child.pd I have this:

[$1 ]
[set $1-sum(

Say that $0 of test parent is 1004. What happens is that, even though all
test-child.pd abstractions are created like this [test-child 1004], I get
the following error: throw~ 1127-sum: no matching catch
There is a [catch~ $0-sum] in test-parent.pd, which, I guess, is updated
accoridng to $0, but [test-child] seems to have been stuck to 1127 (I'm
clearing the subpatch where all [test-child]s are being created, and then
create the abstractions)...
Any clues?
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