[PD] Cyclone help patches & issue list

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 13 19:53:35 CET 2014

Hi Alexandre,

> Hi, I re-sending (or forwarding) my first message about cartopol, with
> the patch I had attached to exemplify the issue. My message was brief
> then, but it said it all.
The message was clear, surely with the additional info. Attached is an
image of your patch with a modified poltocar~.
> Now, I'm assuming that the version in 0.43 is the latest and is the one
> you have. About the bug list then, the right thing to do would be to
> take [cartopol~] out of the list and just keep [poltocar~], saying
> something like "wrong conversion".

The source I am using is some 0.44 version. The final code patch should
be based on the svn code. Not much difference is to be expected here.
> I haven't checked the code. But the formulas are pretty simple, just
> basically sine and cosine, so you can't go wrong by fixing it. There
> must be a minus sing somewhere where it didn't belong, just take it out.

Indeed it is (poltocar.c:35):

	*out2++ = -am * sinf(ph);  /* CHECKED */

Removing the minus and recompiling made your patch work as expected.
Added some info to the sourceforge bug "#1128 still on cartopol~ /

> Cheers


Fred Jan
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> Date: 2014-12-08 20:37 GMT-02:00
> Subject: Re: [PD] Cyclone suite initiative
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> cartopol~ and poltocar~ are also buggy
> I pointed it out once, but only cartopol~ was corrected and it made it
> worse. check atatchment.
> do you have this covered? 
> cheers
> 2014-12-08 14:30 GMT-02:00 Fred Jan Kraan <fjkraan at xs4all.nl
> <mailto:fjkraan at xs4all.nl>>:
>     Hi Alexandre,
>     Thanks for the report.
>     Next to working on the help-patches, I am working on creating such a
>     list. I'll put it somewhere public when the patches are done.
>     So when you find any others, I would like to know.
>     Greetings,
>     Fred Jan
>     > hi, you probably know about this bug, but [rand~]'s argument doesn't
>     > really work. I'd be happy to help find other bugs, do you have a
>     list of
>     > bugs you're working on?
>     >
>     > cheers
>     >

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