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re: presets

have refined my own preset system with the new text object. can probably
refine further by instead of using predefined group of control values per
line or message, to only put control name in message then prepend the $0-
to the message text coming from preset file.  anyways i used to use list
split to read the preset located at line n of preset directory listing,
this meant anytime i wanted to change preset using a number or a bang to go
to next preset , the preset list had to go through the list split n number
of times just to spit out the preset filename. now with the text object,
all i gotta do is send it a number and it spits out the text at line n . in
the casw of the preset directory file, it is a preset name. there are
numerous placea where this comes in handy like for my drumloop collections
now i can keep a text object filled with a huge list of drum loops and then
browse through the list by index, once the correct loop is located, i can
send a bang to open, could probably get fancy with canvas labels and bangs
and make a clickable list.    same with drum samples, could populate a
group of toggles with sample names and then fill up a bank for a drumkit.
the drumkit could be saved with all sample names, then the drumkit dir
would index names of all drumkuts. updating the index is easy, anytime you
save a new preset just update the preset dir text with filename of new
preset. i like having the folder hard coded as well as extension.
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