[PD] PdDroidParty latency, syncing etc.

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Mon Dec 15 04:21:43 CET 2014

Hi Gavin,

On 15/12/14 07:07, Gavin wrote:
> In the version I had there is a small bug/typo which prevents the
> sliders and toggles from updating.
> In the netbus.pd file there is an abstraction on the send side, pd oscformat
> Inside it there is a message box 'set /syncjams$1'
> I think this needs to read 'set /syncjams/$1' or the route object on the
> receive side doesn't do what it is supposed too.

It's actually not a bug - that is the way it is supposed to be. The bug
is that I am not enforcing or adding a leading slash "/" on the variable
names used. If you change your sync variable names to valid OSC
namespaces - starting with a slash - everything should work without
modifying the library, and that is a more robust fix for the future.

I will put something into SyncJams to either add the OSC-compliant
leading slash or to warn the user about the missing slash on their
variable names.

> Annoyingly I haven't managed to get adb access to my device yet - it is
> reported as offline and I lost the will to live trying to find out why.

One fix for this on some platforms is to run adb as root. I often
restart adb as root when I am doing Android development as follows:

adb kill-server
sudo `which adb` start-server

Note this is a little bit less secure than having correct permissions set.

> The latency on my device, a Moto G, seems to be around 100ms. 
> The ping time from my laptop to my phone is 3ms so I guess I can pretty
> much discount that!

If this is just for your own purposes (i.e. to use that specific device
and sync to your laptop) you can manually tune the latency on the phone
yourself to account for the 100ms. I'll update the latency compensator
patch to allow for this until I get the latency calibration thing working.

For a while I was testing with two Android devices which both happened
to have identical 100ms latency and so the sync was very nice.

Thanks for testing the library out - your feedback is invaluable!




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