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JoĆ£o Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 15 11:35:18 CET 2014

I can't do any programming, but I could do testing of whatever is  

> Most of the build scripts for extended are still in the pd-l2ork git. It  
> is a relatively simple matter of making sure:
> 1) tkpath builds cleanly on Windows (which it should)
> 2) tkdnd builds ok on Windows (which it should)
> 3) Windows has xapian and tkxapian libraries (which it should)
> 4) and then hunting any stray idiosyncrasies within the pd-l2ork's tk  
> scripts (there should no more than a few linked to the startup behavior).
> Basically, it is a matter of someone spending a bit of time hunting  
> these down and refining scripts as necessary to make everything  
> buildable in as >automatic of a way as possible (e.g. on Linux pd-l2ork  
> uses a single command to build the entire monolithic deb or tarball  
> installer).
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