[PD] butterworth/chebyshev/etc in biquad?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 15:49:22 CET 2014

Hello there. I've been studying filters and I was hoping someone could help
me figure out some details about the filter objects in Pd. I'm mostly
concerned about the filter types such as butterworth, chebyshev, bessel and

For instance, in [biquad~], can you get all of these 4 types of filter? I
guess so... but if it's true, what are the differences in calculating the
coefficients? Or perhaps someone could suggest me somewhere to learn about

But like, about the filters described at "Cookbook formulae for audio EQ
biquad filter coefficients"


Do any of you know if they're Butterworth or what?

And what about the filters in Pd, I was able to implement with biquad the
following objetcs: [lop~], [hip~], [bp~], [lores~] and [reson~]. What types
would they be?

I'd also like to hear something about [vcf~].

Well, that's it...

thanks ;)
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