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If that does become a real scenario, I hope we can find a way to bring some of the Pd-extended UI changes into vanilla, such as the pixel perfect sizing across platforms, an option for the extended coloring (graytones) etc. Before anyone says “Pd-Lork has that”, I’m just wondering if it’s feasible to bring in some of the work Hans did after the gui cleanup which is already in vanilla.

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> Just FYI…. Joe Deken of newblankets.org <http://newblankets.org/> is considering making a repository
> of external objects compatible with Pd vanilla.  I think almost all the
> objects in Pd extended will work with vanilla (and if I find out what
> specific changes vanilla would need to allow the others, I'd be happy to
> try to provide them).  It seems like maintaining compiled versions of the
> libs is an easier thing to do than maintaining all of Pd Extended.
> cheers
> Miller

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