[PD] Extending Vanilla (was Cyclone help patches & issue list)

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 21:08:23 CET 2014

Who is going to replace Hans?
Here's an incomplete list of the responsibilities such a person would have:* all the technical responsibilities of maintaining releasing software (whether that software is a collection of libraries or a full distro of Pd, the work required is still comparable)* maintaining the abandoned libs that users still need* responding to requests from new developers in a timely manner* being a leader.  For example, when someone asks a question whether doing X is feasible, you would give a clear and definitive answer based on where you think the project should go* being a diplomat.  After someone has done the work you encouraged them to do and Miller says he wants to take another decade to think of a better solution, you have to find a compromise that doesn't discourage the development effort (and create yet another unmaintained lib or patch/plugin for Vanilla)* generally encouraging development efforts of developers with various styles of communication and expectations for the software* working with developers like me who have essentially given up on trying to get improvements into Pd Vanilla.  (But I am happy to work with anyone willing to do all this work)
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