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Fri Dec 19 05:26:50 CET 2014

>I'm surprised about this "double bang", but I suppose this means "do
compute one audio block and only one" (here 1024 samples).

actually, i have NO idea why i needed to do the double bang.  For some
weird reason, a single bang was triggering the [switch~], but then the next
bang did nothing.  Only every second bang was triggering.  So, i used [t b
b] just to send 2 bangs and trigger every time.

if you remove one cable from one outlet of the [t b b], you will see what i

not sure if there's a bug in the implementation, or what, but yeah...seems

>I wonder if switching the DSP off does mess up with overlapping (as i
understand "overlapping with previous audio block").

 sorry, i don't actually know how the overlap is implemented, but I did
some trial and error tests, sending various signals through the switched
off subpatch, and through a subpatch with no [switch~] object.   The
outputs of each [env~] in the different subpatches seems to be the same.

On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:37 PM, Billy Stiltner <billy.stiltner at gmail.com>
> you can never really get the real response of a room because the
> temperature an air currents are always changeing., you can however get a
> very close approximation maybe.
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