[PD] Patch rendering theming: color scheme and text wheight

Alessio Degani alessio.degani at ymail.com
Mon Dec 22 23:27:57 CET 2014

Hi list,

I would like to try to change pd-vanilla patch rendering in order to 
obtain something like pd-extended rendering.

I've cloned the latest pd-vanilla GIT repo and I've started to look at 
the src in order to figure out how to do that.
After some search, it seems that all what I need is in the tcl stuff. 
I've googled it and it seems that I'm right, or am I wrong?? (perhaps 
I've should start from here :D ).

First of all, I've tested the build procedure. It was ok. I've tested 
pd-vanilla *without installing it*:
cd src

I've got an error: " ... pd-gui.tcl": no such file or directory. I've 
cd src
ln -s ../tcl

Now, pd works.

Then, I've tried to modify some simple elements in order to check if I 
can see the effect. I've added some stuff in the "init_for_platform" {}

Here is the stuff that I've added:

     # color scheme
     set ::canvas_fill "#303030"
     set ::text_color "#ff0000"
     set ::select_color "#ff7200"
     set ::dash_outline "#008800"
     set ::dash_fill "#000055"
     set ::box_outline "#888888"
     set ::graph_outline "#888888"
     set ::atom_box_fill "#555555"
     set ::msg_box_fill "#555555"
     set ::obj_box_fill "#550000"
     set ::signal_cord_highlight "#fff600"
     #set ::signal_cord "#00868a"
     #set ::signal_nlet $signal_cord
     set ::msg_cord_highlight "#fff600"
     set ::msg_cord "#ff3e8a"
     set ::msg_nlet "#ff3e8a"
     set :mixed_nlet "#88aaff"

But when I stat pd, it seems that this modification has no effect.

What I've missed?

Thank you


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