[PD] Patch rendering theming: color scheme and text wheight

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Tue Dec 23 13:05:44 CET 2014

Hi Alessio,

On 23/12/14 06:27, Alessio Degani wrote:
> I would like to try to change pd-vanilla patch rendering in order to
> obtain something like pd-extended rendering.
> After some search, it seems that all what I need is in the tcl stuff.

I am not an expert but I think you are right and you can accomplish what
you want with "tcl plugins" like this:


There is an example in that directory for changing edit mode look,
colors, and patch cord too, I think.

Some other examples of things you can do:


Here is some documentation about it:


Install your "*-plugin.tcl" file into a "standard path" where Pd will
search and it will get loaded automatically:


Hope this helps!




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