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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 17:03:59 CET 2014

Well, shoot.  I seem to have described Pd-l2ork's behavior.  I'm not sure how Pd-extended is controlling its color scheme.

     On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 5:55 AM, Alessio Degani <alessio.degani at ymail.com> wrote:

  Hi Johnathan, and list.
 Thank you for your reply.
 I've checked the code for some of the sys_vgui calls by comparing vanilla ones with the one of extended.
 It seems that the code is the same.
 For example, the g_numberbox.c use sys_vgui call to draw the rectangle and text, but on vanilla and extended is the very same code:
     ".x%lx.c create line %d %d %d %d %d %d -fill #%6.6x -tags %lxBASE2\n",
     canvas, xpos, ypos,
     xpos + half, ypos + half,
     xpos, ypos + x->x_gui.x_h,
     x->x_gui.x_fcol, x);
 sys_vgui(".x%lx.c create text %d %d -text {%s} -anchor w \
     -font {{%s} -%d %s} -fill #%6.6x -tags [list %lxLABEL label text]\n",
     canvas, xpos+x->x_gui.x_ldx, ypos+x->x_gui.x_ldy,
     strcmp(x->x_gui.x_lab->s_name, "empty")?x->x_gui.x_lab->s_name:"",
     x->x_gui.x_font, x->x_gui.x_fontsize, sys_fontweight,
     x->x_gui.x_lcol, x);
 I think that the -fill parameter is the one responsible of the color, but is the same both for vanilla and extended.
 I've also checked the code in s_intern.c (the place where sys_vgui is defined), and there are no difference between vanilla and extended.
 Any idea?
 Thank you
 On 23/12/2014 01:14, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
  It's been awhile sinceI looked, but I _think_ Pd-extended also refers to those tcl variables in the sys_vgui code on the C side.  So the sys_vgui string responsible for, say, creating a rectangle on a canvas will give it the outline color of "$::box_outline". 
  Check g_text.c and the iemgui code for sys_vgui statements.  I think in many cases Pd Vanilla simply doesn't specify the colors, so the box and xlets default to black. 
  Btw-- Pd-l2ork has a little gui dialog where you can choose different presets, or even define your own color schemes. 
       On Monday, December 22, 2014 5:31 PM, Alessio Degani <alessio.degani at ymail.com> wrote:
 Hi list,
 I would like to try to change pd-vanilla patch rendering in order to 
 obtain something like pd-extended rendering.
 I've cloned the latest pd-vanilla GIT repo and I've started to look at 
 the src in order to figure out how to do that.
 After some search, it seems that all what I need is in the tcl stuff. 
 I've googled it and it seems that I'm right, or am I wrong?? (perhaps 
 I've should start from here :D ).
 First of all, I've tested the build procedure. It was ok. I've tested 
 pd-vanilla *without installing it*:
 cd src
 I've got an error: " ... pd-gui.tcl": no such file or directory. I've 
 cd src
 ln -s ../tcl
 Now, pd works.
 Then, I've tried to modify some simple elements in order to check if I 
 can see the effect. I've added some stuff in the "init_for_platform" {}
 Here is the stuff that I've added:
     # color scheme
     set ::canvas_fill "#303030"
     set ::text_color "#ff0000"
     set ::select_color "#ff7200"
     set ::dash_outline "#008800"
     set ::dash_fill "#000055"
     set ::box_outline "#888888"
     set ::graph_outline "#888888"
     set ::atom_box_fill "#555555"
     set ::msg_box_fill "#555555"
     set ::obj_box_fill "#550000"
     set ::signal_cord_highlight "#fff600"
     #set ::signal_cord "#00868a"
     #set ::signal_nlet $signal_cord
     set ::msg_cord_highlight "#fff600"
     set ::msg_cord "#ff3e8a"
     set ::msg_nlet "#ff3e8a"
     set :mixed_nlet "#88aaff"
 But when I stat pd, it seems that this modification has no effect.
 What I've missed?
 Thank you
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