[PD] finding source file of vanilla object

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Dec 23 20:23:55 CET 2014

On 12/23/2014 08:12 PM, Jonghyun Kim wrote:
> thanks for the answer!
> I tried to find with grep, but it doesn't work...
> *akntk at umi:~/Downloads/pd-0.46-4$ grep '"metro"' *.c*
> *grep: *.c: No such file or directory*

all C-source files (that's all of Pd without the GUI), lives in the
"src" folder.

zmoelnig at XXX:~$ cd ~/src/pd/src/
zmoelnig at XXX:~/src/pd/src$ grep '"metro"' *.c
x_time.c:    metro_class = class_new(gensym("metro"),
zmoelnig at XXX:~/src/pd/src$

you could also use grep's "-r" flag to recursively search files in
subdirectories, and the "-l" flag to only show the filename (and not the
line containing the keyword).

zmoelnig at XXX:~$ cd ~/src/pd/
zmoelnig at XXX:~/src/pd$  $ grep -r -l '"metro"' .
zmoelnig at XXX:~/src/pd$

obviously there are more files containing "metro" in quotes.
note that i now use '.' as the "file" to search (which means the current
directory; as i do a recursive search, this will search all files in all
subdirectories of the current dir).

you might also want to have a look at the manpage of "grep" to learn
more about it.

$ man grep


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