[PD] low latency network video stream display

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 17:36:38 CET 2014


I'm looking for the best solution to display an h264 network video stream
with Pd/Gem.
The stream is a Raspberry Pi camera module (Raspicam).
Currently it works with VLC but with a big latency (something more than 1

I'm able to display the stream thanks to netcat and mplayer with 10 images
(166 ms) latency (from capture to display on remote machine).
The key is to send the raw h264 stream from camera (with raspivid) via udp
with netcat.
On the other netcat is piped to mplayer to display the image.

I would like to display this image with Gem with the same latency.
This means I have to receive and decode raw h264 stream inside pd.
Or to receive and decode outside pd and then send the result to pd.
How can I do that ? Is it possible ?

I tried some gstreamer-1.0 solution but without success (it only displays a
green image).
So I guess pdgst is not a good way (although it's based on gstreaming-0.1
while all solutions I've seen are gstreamer-1.0 based)

For more about those streaming techniques please see :

Thanks in advance for any handy hints.

do it yourself
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