[PD] low latency network video stream display

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Sat Dec 27 08:38:55 CET 2014

I would use a gstreamer solution that outputs to a v4l2loopback device, read by gem. (unfortunately there seems to be a problem with v4l2loopback and gst-1.0)

Am 26. Dezember 2014 17:36:38 MEZ, schrieb Antoine Villeret <antoine.villeret at gmail.com>:
>I'm looking for the best solution to display an h264 network video
>with Pd/Gem.
>The stream is a Raspberry Pi camera module (Raspicam).
>Currently it works with VLC but with a big latency (something more than
>I'm able to display the stream thanks to netcat and mplayer with 10
>(166 ms) latency (from capture to display on remote machine).
>The key is to send the raw h264 stream from camera (with raspivid) via
>with netcat.
>On the other netcat is piped to mplayer to display the image.
>I would like to display this image with Gem with the same latency.
>This means I have to receive and decode raw h264 stream inside pd.
>Or to receive and decode outside pd and then send the result to pd.
>How can I do that ? Is it possible ?
>I tried some gstreamer-1.0 solution but without success (it only
>displays a
>green image).
>So I guess pdgst is not a good way (although it's based on
>while all solutions I've seen are gstreamer-1.0 based)
>For more about those streaming techniques please see :
>Thanks in advance for any handy hints.
>do it yourself
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