[PD] PdDroidParty release (was Re: PdDroid Party send-through)

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sun Dec 28 15:11:34 CET 2014

Hi Alan,

On 16/12/14 08:55, Alan Pierson wrote:
> Thanks, Chris -- That's interesting. So if I want to turn off a toggle
> which is set to receive, say, "Toggle1", I should have an object "send
> Toggle1 set 0"? 

Yep, that's right. A message with contents "set 0" into an object with
contents "s Toggle1" should do the trick.

> I'm attaching a very simple PD file which shows the difference between
> how toggles behave on PC and on the device. 

Thanks very much for your comprehensive test patch. This long standing
bug in PdDroidParty was actually fixed months ago by Antoine Rousseau
and I only just merged his changes.

I've pushed a new build with his fixes and additions to the website:

He also added a bunch of new awesome stuff (GPS, opening web pages,
etc.) which needs some documentation so I'll try to get around to that
when I have had some time to pick his brain about it.

Thanks to both of you for contributing!




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