[PD] PdVST and Cubase pro 8 VST (windows 7 64 bits)

Hugo Hyolle sigfy at hotmail.fr
Wed Dec 31 14:52:28 CET 2014

Hello,I'm new to the list so I first introduce myself.
I'm Hugo, I learned Pure Data at university in Paris, and then developed some patches I wanted to use with my DAW which is Cubase.
I used in the past PdVST with success with Cubase SX 3, but now that I'm under Cubase pro 8 64bits, things seem more complicated.
I tried the standard procedure to setup PdVST but the plugins are not recognized, I tried almost every path to put Pdvst folder and dll files, without success.
Does anyone know how to help me ?I thank you very much.Best regards,Hugo 		 	   		  
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