[PD] LD_PRELOAD on Linux?

Jonghyun Kim agitato816 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 21:47:51 CET 2015

hi list,

I have a question for LD_PRELOAD.

To load leapmotion.pd_linux, i have to run pd with LD_PRELOAD.

for example:
$ LD_PRELOAD=libLeap.so puredata my-patch.pd

Is there a way to load linux binary without LD_PRELOAD? For example
[import], or startup flag or something else. I wanna load the .so library
after pd starts up.

On Mac OS X this LD_PRELOAD not needed. If I just type [leapmotion] then it
just works. I like it.

I'm looking for the alternative way, but not found.

Any suggest?


leapmotion for pd link:
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