[PD] pd symbol confusion

David Medine dmedine at ucsd.edu
Wed Jan 14 01:48:42 CET 2015

I begin to understand. Thank you!

On 1/13/2015 4:19 PM, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> On 13/01/15 23:51, David Medine wrote:
>> how to pack the strings into symbols
> gensym() turns a string into a symbol (so pointer equality can be used 
> instead of string comparison)
> note that there is no way to remove a symbol once it's added to the 
> global symbol table.
> if you're doing a lot of string processing, perhaps do it all inside a 
> pdlua or some other scripting external, instead of passing strings as 
> symbols through pd patch cords.
> Claude

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