[PD] Miller's Moogfilter

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 09:09:03 CET 2015

Yes please include it in vanilla if possible. That would be an awesome help to me.

Things in the extra folder can be built with libpd. The only issue we had before was the expr~ licensing, but that was fixed about a year ago. By default, the Makefile doesn’t build the extra sources, but I’m going to add them now. I’ve been using them as well as other externals in PdParty for some time now and other projects using ofxPd, so I know static linking when building libpd works.

Also dynamic loading works fine, the issue was libpd was being built without HAVE_LIBDL defined. I’ve been doing some updates to libpd and added that.  Dynamic loading, however, isn’t allowed on iOS, so it’s left off there. 

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> I'll get it cross-compiled at some point - if I throw it in vanilla it'll
> happen automatically, but if I end up figuring it's better left separate I'll
> put it out as a self-contained muiltiplatform extern.  
> I'd be more disposed to put it in 'extra' if it ever works out
> to include 'extra' objects in libpd - because I saw on this list people
> wanted that.
> cheers
> Miller

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