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Thu Jan 22 05:52:57 CET 2015

One question I have about the noflo UI is whether it supports the concept of subpatching.  I want to define a box's function by zooming into it and filling it with more boxes.
It's not a difficult UI to imagine.  But to even have parity with Pd's scattered toplevel windows there would additionally need to be a way to quickly navigate from one branch to any other in the tree, and to pair distant branches in order to copy/paste content.  (For example, think of putting a patch window next to a subpatch window you got from opening three nested abstractions deep into a help-document.  If you're copying an object chain from that subpatch, you don't want those three parent patches in your view.)

Atm I'm just punting by using the multi-window UI that tcl/tk has.  But if there's a way to work the idea of navigating subpatches into that framework, that'd be great.


     On Wednesday, January 21, 2015 10:07 PM, Chris McCormick <chris at mccormick.cx> wrote:

 On 22/01/15 02:44, s p wrote:
> I was actually
> planning to use this : https://github.com/the-grid/the-graph which is a
> generic data flow UI library for the web. It is so well done, works
> great on touch interface, so I thought why the heck reinventing the
> wheel.


Wow! Beautiful.

This user interface plugged into a layer that can plug into libpd and/or
WebPd would be magical.





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