[PD] Improvised Live Electronics, in Pd with E.L.A.P.S.

Peter van Haaften petervh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 19:30:23 CET 2015

Hello Julian,

Your reply never made it to my inbox, due to my e-mail filter systems. I 
just stumbled upon it today.

Many thanks for taking the time to listen to this album, and for your 
careful observations. I know the structure and form of this album is a 
little strange, and I think you are right that the piece order could be 

I'm working on updates to my performance setup, to make it workable for 
live concert performance, and in order to produce a new album of 
improvised Pd electronics by April. In may, I will be presenting some of 
this music at the Monaco Electroacoustique. Perhaps I will see some 
fellow Pd users there?

Thanks again for listening, hope to be in touch!


Many thanks
Julian Brooks wrote:
> Hello Peter,
> Just spent an enjoyable 15m with your tunes, congrats.
> Hope you don't mind me saying (everyone's a critic eh)...
> I thought the 1st tune was the least convincing. My own
> preference/biases is for pieces that invite you into their soundworld
> and then allow the processes to unfurl, something you do do in the
> other tunes. Perhaps an alteration in the order may help as most
> people generally don't make it past the 1st one - in my experience
> anyways.
> Nice though:)
> Julian
> On 15 December 2014 at 04:29, Peter van Haaften <petervh at gmail.com
> <mailto:petervh at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Greetings list,
> I thought this might be of interest to a few individuals.
> Today I release a free four track e.p. of improvised live
> electronics, produced in Pure Data with E.L.A.P.S. (an expressive
> live algorithmic performance system). E.L.A.P.S. is a system for
> electroacoustic performance and composition, using algorithmic
> processes, tangible control interfaces, and Pure Data.
> In the months to come, individual components will be open-sourced
> under a GPL license, and made available on my artist website.
> Autofreq & the Stochastic Dreamship:
> http://www.petervanhaaften.__com/autofreq.shtml
> <http://www.petervanhaaften.com/autofreq.shtml>
> Complete documentation on my E.L.A.P.S. project:
> http://www.petervanhaaften.__com/elaps.shtml
> <http://www.petervanhaaften.com/elaps.shtml>
> Thanks!
> Peter
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