[PD] bugs with [hip~] and [bp~]

Gilberto Agostinho gilbertohasnofb at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 30 03:19:13 CET 2015

Hi Alexandre, thanks for your reply.

On 30/01/15 02:39, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> it's how the filters were designed, they're not perfect throughout the 
> spectrum

Probably it would be better then to warn users about this limit of ~12 
kHz in the help-files then.

> you'll need to use/build other filters for that purpose of working 
> with that higher portion of the spectrum (in which I can hardly still 
> hear, by the way)/

Hmm, I can clearly hear the difference between feeding a high frequency 
to [vcf~] and to [bp~] using a large enough Q (~100 for instance). With 
that Q, try sweeping from 12kHz until 14kHz in both filters, and you'll 
hear that [vcf~] behaves as expected, while [bp~] does not change the 
frequency but only affects the amplitude of the output for some reason.

> a few of patches of mine that describe the behaviour of vanilla and 
> some extended filters

Thanks a lot for the patches, but I am actually aware of [vcf~] and 
[biquad~]. This message of mine was intended to be a bug report rather 
than a cry for help as I have no particular problem with filters needing 
a solution right now. But in any case I will check your patches, as I 
know (and enjoy very much) yours /Computer Music With Examples In Pd/.

Take care,
Gilberto Agostinho
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