[PD] more about float limitation (was: weird float/add limitation)

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Jan 31 14:46:08 CET 2015

On 01/31/2015 12:06 PM, Rivoire David wrote:
> Hello, can you help me to connect a [adc~] object to my TR808 drum-machine patch ? Thanks ! David

1. switch to edit mode (Ctrl-E)
2. move the mouse to one of the small black rectangles at the bottom of
the [adc~].
3. click and drag the mouse cursor to the small black rectangle at the
top of your TR808 drum-machine patch.
4. release the mouse button

5. do not hijack unrelated posts.
quoting the [netiquette]:
> If you want to start a new thread (that is, bring up a new topic),
> please, please do start a new thread by sending a fresh email which
> is not a reply; do not take a random post to the list and reply to
> this post with a changed subject and body just because you don't know
> the email address of the list. A lot of people with decent mail
> readers view their mails in "thread view", so they know which mail is
> a reply to which other mail. It is quite annoying if you cannot find
> the mail regarding the possibilities to play back a sound file (which
> you know has the answer to your troubles) just because it is deep
> within a thread regarding the problems of firewalls on W32-XP!
> So never reply to an email on the list, if you don't have anything to
> say about the content of the email you are replying to.

6. do not assume that anybody knows the contents of your harddisk. what
is "your TR808 drum-machine patch".

7. it might also help if you gave a bit of context (what do you really
want to do?)


[netiquette] http://puredata.info/community/lists/Netiquette

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