[PD] 0.46-5 Not allocating midioutdev correctly? Strange behaviour

JF saintidle at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 5 13:31:48 CET 2015


I've tried 0.46-5, 0.46-4 & 0.46-3.

All seem to save midioutdev incorrectly as already described.

I presume this may be a bug in the 0.46 introduced 'saving devices by name' feature?

Any response/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, John.

> On Monday, 2 March 2015, 18:21, JF <saintidle at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I can't seem to set midioutdev correctly on 0.46-5 Win 32.
> When I choose a device, close preferences then re-open preferences the device 
> selected seems to now be the next device in the list.
> This happens when using multiple device outs too.
> Then saving the preferences to the registry seems to make the device change 
> again, (but not an device increment of one, maybe 4 or 5).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks in advance, John.

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