[PD] uzi redundancy and how to load kalashnikov as uzi

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 21:07:04 CET 2015

Hi there, there seems to be some redundancies regarding the "uzi" object.
I'm in Pd-Extended 0.42-5, not sure how this is now at 0.43.

There's the cyclone one, but there is also a [kalashnikov] object (from
"ext13") which I like cause it's a bit more convenient to sweep arrays
(cause the numbered bangs go from 0 to n-1, unlike the cyclone version).
Though [kalashnikov] can also be instantiated as [uzi], I can't create it
as [uzi] unless I have a [kalashnikov] created first. Seems there's a bug
problem with its alias.

Weirdly enough, though I can create it as [ext13/kalashnikov], I can't do
it as [ext13/uzi] even after I first created the object as "kalashnikov".

I wonder if there was any way of using it as [uzi] or [ext13/uzi] without
bothering how to spell kalashnikov.

Moreover, the cyclone version has upper case U... we were discussing here
if we could make a lower case alias, but it'd get in conflict with other
[uzi] objects around... one way around would be to be able to load

And there's another [uzi] from "purepd", which is an abstraction and also a
clone of max that is quite redundanct and probably was best to just delete
it from the package.

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