[PD] VLC plugin - missing openGL headers

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Sat Mar 7 08:27:09 CET 2015

Am 06. März 2015 23:07:41 MEZ, schrieb "Csaba Láng" <langcsaba at gmail.com>:
>PD Vanilla 0.45.4 with Gem-master from github.

Well, the Gem from "this repo" (as opposes to the official ubuntu deb "repo") definitely builds the vlc plugin if all the dependencies (libvlc-dev in addition to the "normal" Gem deps) are met.

>No chance to get openGL headers to be installed on Ubuntu 14.04.2. 
>dependency conflicts among mesa, mesa-dev, glu, gl1 etc

This is a problem with your local setup. Most likely , in the past you have installed some other (seemingly unrelated) packages on your system which now create the (build) conflict.

I can only suggest to use a package manager with better conflict resolving capabilities, eg aptitude[1], or resolve the conflict manually (for which i personally also recommend aptitude in interactive mode)


[1] i'm on debian though

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