[PD] uzi redundancy and how to load kalashnikov as uzi

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 23:27:00 CET 2015

> oh i see that the discussion is currently going on (i was under
> the impression that you *were* discussing it a while ago).

Yeah, and, as it turns out, from that discussion, I learned that is that
last version of Extended actually loads cyclone Uzi when you type "uzi". So
we do have in fact 3 objects in Pd extended with the exact same name, so my
point about redundancy and messiness remains.

New issues do come about, by the way. Now, if you load [uzi], it'll get
cyclone's object ("Uzi"), so if you load kalashnikov latter, in its help
file it'll say it can also be loaded as [uzi], but the [uzi] in
kalashnikov's help file is actually the one from cyclone, so the help from
kalashnikov doesn't work, cause it's actually different than the cyclone
version. And you'll never load kalashnikov as "uzi" from now on, unless you
change your startup settings and load ext13/kalashnikov... then you can try
[ext13/uzi] to load kalashnikov.

But if you load kalashnikov first, well, now you won't get cyclone's
version when you type "uzi", but kalashnikov...

so, well, kinda confusing...

I'd vouch for trying and eliminating the redundancy and equal names
somehow. I'd suggest killing the alias name of kalashnikov, it'd solve all
that for Pd Extended. Why not ak47 as an alias? :)

but again, useless and pointless discussion if we're not dealing with an
update of Pd Extended right now.


2015-03-05 18:01 GMT-03:00 IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>:

> On 03/05/2015 09:56 PM, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> >> >
> >> > Moreover, the cyclone version has upper case U... we were discussing
> here
> >> > if we could make a lower case alias,
> > i have missed that discussion, but cyclone's uppercasing is a *design
> > choice* to make sure that the max compat layer does not conflict with Pd.
> oh i see that the discussion is currently going on (i was under the
> impression that you *were* discussing it a while ago).
> in any case: afair cyclones goal is to allow to easily migrate an old
> max-patch to a shiny Pd-patch, rather than make Pd a shallow copy/the
> ugly sister of max.
> so my point remains.
> gsamrd
> IOhannes
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