[PD] Help with libraries on OSX

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 00:01:08 CET 2015


which pd version do you use ?

just tried here with Pd-extended 0.43-4 on Mac OS 10.9
I made a folder with CreamLibrary and Hoa.Library [1] folders inside.
I've added those 2 folders to my pd-ext search paths.
And I also added `-lib c.library -lib hoa.library` [2] to startup flags.

And it works (at least I saw some welcome message in Pd's console).

I thing your Pd's version doesn't allow you to register more than one
folder with reserved name such as "external', "helps" and "misc".

I tried the same with Pd-vanilla 0.46-5 and I had unresolved symbol when
loading hoa.library but c.library loads fine.


[1] : those library name sounds weird to my ears, and I would like to see
them change in a not too far future to something like Cream and Hoa.
[2] : the binary names are not consistent with their respective folder
name, ('Hoa' is not 'hoa') this add more weirdness to those names...
do it yourself

2015-03-08 23:02 GMT+01:00 Martin Dupras <martindupras at gmail.com>:

> I'm trying to install the HoaLibrary (and the CreamLibrary that it
> apparently relies on) on my system, but I'm having no joy.
> I have installed the libraries in /Library/Pd and added those to the paths
> in the preferences.
> I've also added the libraries to the startup flags:
> -lib c.library -lib hoa.library
> which seems to work since I get in the console:
> "Cream Library by Pierre Guillot
> © 2013 - 2014  CICM | Paris 8 University
> Version Beta 0.3 (Jul 18 2014) for Pd-Vanilla
> HOA Library by Julien Colafrancesco, Pierre Guillot & Eliott Paris
> © 2012 - 2014  CICM | Paris 8 University
> Version Beta 2.1 (Jul 18 2014) for Pd-Vanilla"
> However, when I try to open any of the help patches, many of the objects
> do not instantiate, and I get red warnings saying this:
> "WARNING: duplicate 'externals' library found!
>   '/Library/Pd/HoaLibrary/externals' is active
>   '/Library/Pd/CreamLibrary/externals' is duplicate
> WARNING: duplicate 'helps' library found!
>   '/Library/Pd/HoaLibrary/helps' is active
>   '/Library/Pd/CreamLibrary/helps' is duplicate
> WARNING: duplicate 'misc' library found!
>   '/Library/Pd/HoaLibrary/misc' is active
>   '/Library/Pd/CreamLibrary/misc' is duplicate"
> Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong? The libraries are not, in
> fact, duplicates. There's only one instance of each.
> Cheers,
> - martin
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