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>> disclaimer: i love linux and probably are not un-biased.


But unfortunately, here, students of Transmedia (Syracuse U) are required
to buy a Mac freshmen year and are taught on osx systems/programs
throughout their 4 undergraduate years. we (pd community) keeps loosing
them to max/msp/jitter people/teachers here which is tragic in my opinion
and gets me quite heated....

It is pertinent to note I have 60+ art/design/media students this semester
all being introduced to Pd in some capacity and when it starts crashing and
they lose their work they get quite turned off, not just with Pd but with
programming as a artist/art student in general.....

I am sure the knowledge here in this community and on this list can pull
together and help rectify the situation....

johannes, dan, antoine and others have done awesome with Gem .... its
really an amazing lib and if i could take a semester off and learn how to
code better I would! maybe there are students interested in helping out?
others that want to learn coding on OSX?

my 2 cents on pd's osx future:

fuck pd-extended (hans is dead god rest his pd soul)
fuck pd-l20rk (is there any chance of an OSX 64 bit build with native Gem
plugs? prob not....)

CORE PD + GEM .... that is all that is necessary at the moment. Almost
everything else can be abstractions....

it seems like a lot of time is wasted on bullshit curved elbowed cables and
the like....


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>> On 03/11/2015 08:45 PM, Joshua Curley wrote:
>> >
>> > I also am using the latest updated from Apple: Yosemite
>> most likely this is the problem.
>> Gem still uses QuickTime for accessing the video devices on OSX, and
>> afaik, yosemite has finally abandoned QT even on i386.
> 32 bit is pretty much done on OS X anyway.
>> so i think there are a number of possibilities:
>> - downgrade to some older version of OSX
> No that easy, unless you have an older backup.
>> - convince (bribe, intimidate,...) someone with OSX knowledge and
>> reasonable ObjC/C++ knowledge to write an AVFoundation plugin for Gem
> Yes.
>> - upgrade to an operating system that does not deprecate another core
>> component of their OS whenever they make a new release¹.
> Quicktime has been deprecated since 10.7. We had plenty of warning.
>> ¹ disclaimer: i love linux and probably are not un-biased.
> Yes :D
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