[PD] GEM Motion Capture (Nicolas Lhommet)

jamal crawford threen52 at ml1.net
Wed Mar 18 21:18:31 CET 2015

hi list

my tiny cents

> fuck pd-extended (hans is dead god rest his pd soul)
> fuck pd-l20rk (is there any chance of an OSX 64 bit build with native Gem plugs? prob not....)
> it seems like a lot of time is wasted on bullshit curved elbowed cables and the like....
> i love linux and probably are not un-biased.

fuck osx/msw ??? ... and concentrate on everything unique¹, pd/GEM
is/will be able to, ONLY on linux (....and the power of patience).  

sorry for being bold (i've just trimmed my hair short)

¹ data structures to begin with.

best regs

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