[PD] gop drawing

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Thu Mar 26 02:29:47 CET 2015

Hi Jonathan,

On 20/03/15 04:08, Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list wrote:
> I'm implementing graph-on-parent drawing in my port of the Pd-l2ork GUI
> to HTML5.

I caught up with Richie Cyngler in Melbourne last weekend and we were
talking about your new work. One thing I am really excited by is the
idea of being able to use Javascript to do more traditional procedural
computation - building complex tables and data structures to use in Pd
based composition using a language that enables this without patching
together tens of boxes. That and the obvious benefits of wielding the
full power of the browser environment to interface with external
servers, display information richly, webgl, etc.

Is what you are working on available in a repository anywhere?

Do you anticipate your HTML5 based UI will be able to work against any
version of Pd (vanilla, pd-extended), or is it Pd-l2ork only?




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