[PD] route large number of voices

Benoît Fortier benoitfortier at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 27 22:56:26 CET 2015

Hi, it seems common practice to use route to dispatch individual "notes" to different voices when building a polyphonic synth. But these days I'm working on a "synth" which is going to have a large number of voices (probably around 100) and I was wondering if there's a better way to route those voices other than use route with a hundred creation arguments. I though about sending every "note" information (including the voice number) to every voices and to put a test at the inlet of every voice abstraction to filter the incoming data so that only one voice actually plays the "note" but I was wondering if there was a better option, like dynamically set the destination of a send object... I did a few test but couldn't find an elegant solution by myself.
Many thanks pd-list!
 Benoît Fortier
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