[PD] About extending the Universal Polyphonic Player

Jose Luis Diez Antich jl.diez.antich at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 12:06:06 CEST 2015


I found the Polyphonic Universal Player [1], I really liked it, and I would
like to ask you about it.

- I would like to build a simple classic synthesizer, that you can change
its waveform, filter and envelope parameters. How could I send these
parameters to my voice? In the patch '4-noteoff.pd', I understand that you
send the ADSR parameters with a list that you call tag, is it possible to
create a tag thus I can use the object [route] to get each different
parameter from it? Do you have an example of a similar simple synthesizer?

- I do not understand how the subpatch [spat mono] works, could you explain

Thank you very much for your attention,

[1] - http://grrrr.org/research/software/upp/upp-tut1/
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