[PD] Profiling Objects or hole Patches

mr. markuese mr.markuese at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 14:55:16 CEST 2015

Hi Claude,

thank you very much for your suggestions -  and before asking for help here, I tried out  [realtime] and [cputime], but the problem is the number of cpu-cycles or MIPS is needed to forecast how a libpd-audioapp will run on different devices. 
I know that the MIPS is a „meaningless  information…“ but so the second reviewer of my master thesis wants this value… I’ll try to find this ;-)

Thats why the measurement of the time doesn’t help for this theoretical forecast. I have to transform the source code of objects like convolve~ or earplug~ to an mathematical formula and count all operations or I have to measure the count of operations of the objects (or the hole patch) in a given time. But both are hurdles at the moment.

2008 Ben Bogart tried to do the same using compiler flags like -pg, but in the list here is no entry that he had success with this.

For any hints I’m thankful,

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