[PD] How to navigate a long sound file in vanilla PD

Stefan Tiedje stefantiedje at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 31 11:18:47 CEST 2015

Hello list,
might well be the first post here, though I am well experienced in 
As there is no way to get Max patches run on mobile devices, I want to 
do it in PD using the MobMuPlat apps for Android/iOS.
The task would be to simply to play a stereo sound file, but of about 
one hour lebgth. As MobMuPlat only supports vanilla PD I am restricted 
to that as far as I know.
In the docs and on the net I did not find any way to navigate within 
that playback. (Its crucial for rehearsals.) The size is too big for 
loading it into RAM (the mobile devices which are around often have less 
than 1 GB of RAM), Is there a known way to tackle this seemingly simple 
A tedious way, I want to avoid, would be to split the sound file into 
pieces, which would at least let me jump in at specified places, but 
that would eat up the space on the device, as each piece would have to 
play until the end...
Of course I would also love to find a way to play back an mp3 and freely 
navigate within that as well...
Any hints how to proceed are appriciated...

Stefan Tiedje

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